Lamor Corporation Demonstrates New Oil Recovery System

By The Maritime Executive 2017-03-03 09:52:38

In mid-February, Lamor Corporation demonstrated an innovative new way to recover oil by deploying the Lamor Marine Oil Spill Sweeper LMOS 15 Speed Skimming system in Halifax, Canada in cooperation with their local representative, Griffin Engineered Systems, for leading Canadian response organizations and companies, represented by Eastern Canada Response Corporation (ECRC), Canadian Coast Guard, Department of Defense (DND), ALERT and RMI Marine.

Despite the harsh weather conditions Halifax harbor that day, with winds up to 35 knots, including snow changing to freezing rain and ice pellets, while temperatures were ranging from minus 4°C to plus 6°C, the deployment of the LMOS 15 went well and proved the system’s effectiveness and recovery capacity in various climatic scenarios.

Michael Hebb, VP Sales of Griffin Engineered Systems, commented:

“Our clients have told us about the challenges they have faced using sweep systems, and I feel we are properly positioned to address those concerns with the LMOS Sweeper, which we are pleased to be able to offer our Canadian customers through our partnership with Lamor. The LMOS Sweeper has shown that it addresses many of the concerns that have been raised. Its solid floatation design ensures it is easier to deploy, is less susceptible to wind forces, and provides continuous pumping of oil to the tow vessel from the collection pool. The LMOS Sweeper’s design allows for a single vessel operation that provides effective maneuverability and superior recovery at speeds of up to 4.5 knots.”

Jacek Dabrowski, Marine Environmental Emergency Response Officer, OHM, from the Canadian Department of National Defense enjoyed the demonstration and thought that the equipment looked very promising.

 “As a Response Organization, it is important to stay abreast of new equipment and technology developments.  The demo provided a good opportunity to observe the operation of the LMOS Sweeper up close.  The deployment and towed operation of the LMOS Sweeper was simple, fast, and smooth.  The single vessel operation with a boom vane worked very well.  Egersund and Lamor personnel were very open to questions and feedback on the system.  We were very happy to participate,” said Robert Starkes, ECRC’s Manager Atlantic Region.

“Being able to demonstrate our equipment on location in the operators’ environment utilizing their people and resources is key to proving its ease of use and effectiveness,” said Dan Beyer, General Manager Lamor USA.

“In-line with our current growth strategy, we have made an agreement to supply and promote Egersund Group’s cutting-edge oil spill response equipment worldwide. Egersund’s line of Marine Oil Spill Sweepers is a welcome addition to our arsenal of oil spill response (OSR) equipment. It might be of interest to you that this MOS Sweeper is based on the fish net trawling principle," said Lamor’s CEO Fred Larsen.

Since setting a remarkable record oil recovery rate of 96.4% during a test carried out by NOFO - the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies, Lamor and Egersund have been perfecting the system even further.

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