KVH Responding to Requests for Increased Bandwidth

KVH operations
KVH operations

Published Mar 22, 2020 12:52 AM by The Maritime Executive

Vessel operators, ship managers, fleet IT directors and yacht captains around the world who use KVH’s VSAT connectivity 24/7 are requesting increased bandwidth to ensure the vessels are staying connected during the COVID-19 situation, says KVH. 

Increasing a current customer’s bandwidth is a simple matter. It requires an activation order taken by phone or email, so that work is continuing for KVH without problems.

For vessels who are new customers wanting to install KVH VSAT systems (throughout the maritime industry for many months now, vessels have been migrating from legacy L-band systems to VSAT systems because VSAT provides much faster data with many more options for digitalization and applications), KVH is still able to do most installations. 

Most of the world’s ports are still open, and although there are restrictions for getting field service people on and off the vessels, the work of keeping everyone connected is continuing with few interruptions. A key to being able to continue installations and field service work is that KVH has a vast network of local partners who are permitted to work in their local ports.

KVH has several ongoing and new initiatives to meet increased connectivity and crew welfare needs, including:

•     Ongoing: Free VoIP calls to ISWAN’s SeafarerHelp hotline for seafarers on vessels with KVH service; this began recently and is independent of the COVID crisis, meaning it will continue; the SeafarerHelp hotline is a great resource for seafarers wanting to get help for mental health issues
•     New: Daily, country-specific coverage on COVID-19 in all the KVH NEWSlink editions that are delivered to subscribing vessels by email and VSAT every day
•     New: Global COVID-19 coverage in KVH’s NEWSlink ‘Maritime News’ edition, which is sent free every day to all NEWSlink subscribers
•     Ongoing: News, entertainment, and sports content via the KVH Link subscription service; seafarers say this content helps them feel connected to home—they can view the content on a screen in a common area of the vessel or on their own personal devices in their cabins
•     Ongoing: Crew Calling cards that enable vessel operators to easily provide Internet access to each individual crew member
•     Ongoing: KVH VSAT connectivity delivers reliable high speed data to support telemedicine and video conferencing sessions; KVH TracPhone V11-HTS, for example, delivers data speeds as fast as 20 Mbps down/3 Mbps up.

KVH is currently finalizing details for the implementation of several initiatives to enhance crew welfare and communications during the global pandemic, including:

•     Reduced costs for data upgrades for existing KVH customers
•     Crew Calling discounts for KVH customers

In addition to supporting communications and crew welfare, KVH connectivity also plays an important role in keeping vessels operating as efficiently as possible via the IoT capabilities of KVH’s TracPhone HTS-series antennas and mini-VSAT Broadband network. For example, VSAT connectivity enables remote services and maintenance during COVID-19 restrictions. With sensors onboard the vessels producing a steady stream of data that is easily carried via KVH VSAT to shore-based analysts and experts, the vessel can get real-time help and info. In addition, KVH Watch is a new maritime IoT connectivity-as-a-service offering that provides not only a 24/7 flow of data from a vessel to a maritime equipment manufacturer, but also provides a way to do a real-time videoconference session with a remote expert.

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