Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Supports Anti-Piracy Efforts


By The Maritime Executive 2017-10-14 11:23:11

The Saudi Transport Authority confirms that the Kingdom is at the forefront of the international scene in support of maritime safety and the security of the maritime transport environment through its great attention to countering the phenomenon of maritime piracy. Its presence is in line with its responsibility towards its coastline, which extends 1,300 nm along the Red Sea and 540 nm along the coast of the Arabian Gulf.

The Authority explained in a statement that the global distinguished presence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is based on its membership in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and its membership in the International Anti-Piracy Group and its task forces.

It said that the world is also witnessing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's continuous efforts to promote regional and international action to combat piracy in the region to achieve its interests and the interests of the neighboring countries. Considering the importance of supporting maritime security and safety, combating piracy and providing specialized maritime education, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia decided to support a number of international funds such as those related to the IMO, the World Maritime University (WMU) and the International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI).

Concerning the Saudi initiated financial support support details, Saudi Transport Authority said that this funding was dedicated to the International Maritime Organization Technical Cooperation Fund with $600,000. The Kingdom also supported the International Maritime University of Sweden (WMU) with $300,000 and the International Institute of Maritime Law in Malta (IMLI) with $100,000 .

Saudi Transport Authority added that the Kingdom's support extended beyond these reputed educational and technical institutions. Saudi funding also supports the International Trust Fund for international initiatives in the fight against maritime piracy near the coast of Somalia and for the prosecution and punishment of pirates, with a grant of $300,000 earlier this year.

Regarding the objectives of this support, H.E. Dr. Rumaih bin Mohammed Al Rumaih, President of the Saudi Transport Authority, emphasized that the Kingdom is proud of its partnership and cooperation with the International Maritime Organization (IMO). He also stressed maritime transport’s vital economic role locally and globally. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to Alrumaih, has affirmed this through organizational development, security, safety, environmental protection and a full commitment to global maritime laws.

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