Jumbo's Fairpartner Loads 10 TPs for Yunlin

Published Sep 23, 2020 1:46 PM by The Maritime Executive

Dutch heavy lift shipping and offshore transportation & installation contractor Jumbo reports developments on the Yunlin Taiwan offshore wind farm in a new video.

“There are only a few heavy lift vessels in the world that can handle 10 TPs in their hold/on their deck,” explains Jumbo's Communications Manager Jan-Hein Reeringh.

“At first, I found this hard to believe, but it turned out that most other heavy cargo carriers simply do not have the space. Other vessels do have the space, but still cannot take the point loads and the enormous forces (from all sides) during sea transport.

Reeringh adds, “There’s only a handful of ships worldwide that can do this – hence we are quite proud of this particular transport!”

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