It's not your father's Port of Oakland Anymore


By MarEx 2016-06-15 16:11:46

If you haven’t seen the Port of Oakland lately, you wouldn’t recognize the place.  That’s the message the Port delivered to customers today in its mid-year report.

“It’s not your father’s Port of Oakland, anymore,” said Executive Director Chris Lytle in a message sent to 1,000 shippers, trucking companies and other Port users.  “Here’s the year-to-date in shorthand: consolidation, transformation, collaboration.”

The Port’s six-month recap summarizes a first-quarter consolidation from five to four marine terminals.  It recounts operational transformation ranging from extended service hours to an appointment system for import pick-up.  The Port said its changes address overcapacity in marine terminals, customer pleas for better service and rising cargo volume.

According to the report, change has been the result of collaboration with those who rely on the Port.  “Everyone from cargo owners to motor carriers has weighed in on how and why we should change,” said Maritime Director John Driscoll.  “Our objective is to improve performance in areas that benefit them the most.”

The Port said these are the major changes to operations in the first six months of 2016:

•A night shift at marine terminal gates;

•An appointment system for harbor trucker drivers;

•A container yard devoted exclusively to empty container pick-up/return;

•New express programs to expedite import container pick-ups;

•Additional labor and equipment;

•New berthing procedures for megaships;

•Mobile-phone apps to measure terminal transaction times.

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