INTERTANKO Welcomes EMSA Sulfur Inspection Guidance

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By MarEx 2015-02-03 08:41:50

INTERTANKO welcomes the just-completed European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) Sulfur Inspection Guidance supporting the implementation of Council Directive 1999/32/EC (“The EU Sulfur Directive”).

EMSA’s guidance aims to support a harmonized approach for the inspection of ships regarding the sulfur content of marine fuels, ascertaining their compliance, identifying non-compliances and applying control procedures for the enforcement of Council Directive 1999/32/EC.

“The guidelines are a result of extensive work under the European Sustainability Shipping Forum (ESSF) aimed to ensure enforcement of the EU Sulfur Directive”, notes INTERTANKO Managing Director Katharina Stanzel. “We welcome these guidelines and commend the efforts to harmonize EU Member States’ approaches to ships”. 

The EMSA Guidelines suggest that proof of compliance of sulfur content in fuels should be taken both at delivery to the ship and also onboard ships, taking samples of fuels used by the ships. 

INTERTANKO particularly supports the method of sampling at delivery to ship because it is related to the enforcement of the Article 4b.3 of the EU Sulfur Directive which states: "Member States shall ensure that gas oils are not placed on the market in their territory if the sulfur content of these marine gas oils exceeds 0.10%" by mass”.  

With regard to the new fuel sampling in ships’ engine rooms, INTERTANKO welcomes standardization of such a practice and the request for quality evidence from laboratories running tests on fuel samples. 

“INTERTANKO, which participates in the ESSF activities, is pleased to see harmonized enforcement, and advocates a balanced approach, not only implementing control measures on ships, but also ensuring fuels delivered to ships are ECA compliant”, says Ian Harrison, Senior Technical Manager of INTERTANKO.

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