INTERCARGO Statement on Red Sea Attacks

INTERCARGO condemns Red Sea attacks and calls for vigilance

Published Dec 20, 2023 1:15 PM by The Maritime Executive


INTERCARGO condemns the attacks on merchant vessels transiting the Red Sea and is calling for an immediate stop to these actions and the release of ships and their crew being held.

The Red Sea is a vital waterway, linking Europe and Asia, with 12% of global trade passing through it and these missile, drone or pirate attacks, which have been escalating over the past month, are completely unjustified with innocent seafarers becoming pawns in land-based aggression.

The safety of our seafarers remains INTERCARGO’s paramount concern and we urge our members to remain vigilant and take note of the guidance being issued by the industry.

Not only are these attacks putting crew members and vessels at risk but East African nations and regions relying on the transit of dry bulk cargoes such as food and vital raw materials through the Red Sea will face severe consequences due to trade disruptions.

Whilst INTERCARGO welcomes the international coalition which has been set up to help combat the attacks, concerned states and the international community need to work together to ensure unhindered safe navigation and the well-being of innocent seafarers world-wide.

INTERCARGO will continue to monitor the situation closely and offer guidance and support to members, as the industry collaborates with all stakeholders to address the threat posed and safeguard international shipping.

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