IC Brindle & Co Launch New Line Launcher in Europe

Line Launcher

By The Maritime Executive 07-11-2019 09:38:01

International safety expert IC Brindle & Co Ltd signed a distributor deal in June this year to distribute a ground-breaking new safety product in the UK and further afield. The Line Launcher by Kiwi Rescue Ltd can propel a high-vis safety line and flotation pod 80m with one powerful launch.

Ian Brindle of IC Brindle said: “This is a unique and refreshing new product on the market – a clever product that is almost entirely reusable with easily replaceable CO2 cartridges. It fills a real niche in the market.”

The Line Launcher’s main USP is that it’s the only product of its kind to use a 16g CO2 which is cost effective and easy to replace. Whereas its counterparts that use pyrotechnics to propel the line can be expensive, difficult to replace and some applications are single use.

Line Launcher can also be used in rescue situations where combustible equipment is banned for use in hazardous environments. Designed for ease of operation in the most extreme of weather conditions and where making a line connection between two parties is required, including ship to ship transfer, ship to shore, man overboard and ocean lifesaving. Line Launcher has multiple land-based operations including crossing gaps, rivers, floods and construction. 

It is manufactured by one of New Zealand's leading line makers and is made from 2.5mm polypropylene, which floats. It has a high breaking strain of 80kg, but when necessary, it can also be used as a pilot to attach to a stronger line when more strength is required or replaced with a stronger line.

Brindle said, “The Line Launcher was the brainchild of an operator of the rescue hovercraft at Auckland airport that has a flight path directly over water and mud.” 

He continued to explain “Regular line launchers, used pyrotechnics to propeller which could be unsafe in situations where non-combustible equipment is required.” 

Following proof of concept trials project development was continued by a new company Kiwi Rescue Ltd headed by New Zealander Gerald Davies. He and his business partner and composite moulding expert Bruce Holt continued development to bring the Launcher to market. 

Davies said, “We are delighted that I C Brindle Ltd will be distributing the Launcher in the UK and beyond.”

IC Brindle is currently looking for dealers to come on board to supply the product.

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