HudsonCyber Announces Partnership with the MTS-ISAC


Published Nov 3, 2020 8:38 PM by The Maritime Executive

 HudsonAnalytix, Inc., through its cyber risk management division, HudsonCyber, is pleased to announce a global partnership with the Maritime Transportation System Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MTS-ISAC). HudsonCyber will support MTS-ISAC’s members with preemptive, maritime-specific cyber threat information that will help reduce the risk of cybersecurity breaches through improved situational awareness and management of cyber threats and technical vulnerabilities.

With thousands of ports around the world receiving more than 50,000 commercial vessels making over five million port calls per year, the maritime industry is acutely vulnerable to cyber attackers seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in their interconnected sysetms. CyberHelmTM, HudsonCyber’s enterprise technology solution that protects maritime operators from cybersecurity threats by proactively avoiding them, helps maritime organizations prevent deliberate and non-targeted cyber attacks from infecting and damaging technologies and operating systems. Whether aboard vessels or shore-side, CyberHelmTM detects system vulnerabilities and potentially imminent attacks before they hit. CyberHelmTM delivers a complete analysis and security recommendations related to each asset, no matter the organization's size, the characteristics of its shore-side infrastructure, the diversity of its fleet, or its geographic disposition. 

“In adopting CyberHelmTM, MTS-ISAC members will be able to immediately and cost-effectively access cyber threat information related to their specific operational environment,” said Max Bobys, Vice President of HudsonCyber.  “Although many maritime operators are making strides in implementing cybersecurity capabilities, effective and sustained cyber risk management remains a challenge. In today’s hyper-connected environment, where cyber threats are only constrained by threat actors’ imaginations and successful attacks are measured in seconds, information sharing is critical. In short, CyberHelmTM protects maritime operators from cybersecurity threats by proactively avoiding attacks before they occur.”

The MTS-ISAC was formed as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit in February 2020 by a group of U.S.-based maritime critical infrastructure stakeholders to promote cybersecurity information sharing throughout the maritime community. Industry leaders representing seaports, vessel owners and operators, and terminal operators recognized the need to improve cybersecurity resiliency in their ecosystems. With limited organizational resources, they realized the best approach was to work with trusted MTS peers, including private and public sector partners, to identify, protect against, and detect cyber threats targeting their networks, systems, and people. The MTS-ISAC has quickly expanded its geographic base, and now includes stakeholders in Asia and Europe in addition to those in North America. 

Scott Dickerson, the MTS-ISAC’s Executive Director, explained, “We are excited about this partnership with HudsonCyber. Adding the capability that CyberHelmTM offers to the services the MTS-ISAC already provides our stakeholders allows the MTS community to more proactively manage cyber risk. As we have seen with the number of reported incidents impacting maritime stakeholders around the world in 2020, threat actors are taking advantage of maritime stakeholders. Now, our stakeholders can complement the MTS-ISAC’s rapidly shared cyber threat information with a deeper understanding of what infrastructure may have been targeted and is at risk. As our customers seek to build closer relationships across their entire maritime ecosystem, these capabilities can then be leveraged to better secure common infrastructures, interdependencies, and communication paths between owners/operators and their key suppliers, vendors, and service providers. We look forward to collaborating with our stakeholders and HudsonCyber to make this a successful partnership for years to come.” 

If you would like to schedule a private CyberHelmTM demonstration or receive more information on maritime cybersecurity, please contact either HudsonCyber at [email protected] or the MTS-ISAC at https://www.mtsisac.org/contact. 

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