Herbert ABS Releases HECSTAB™ for Ships


Published Jun 30, 2020 4:44 PM by The Maritime Executive

(ALAMEDA, California) Herbert-ABS Software Solutions LLC today announced the expansion of its HECSTAB Stability Evaluation Software to include all vessel types and expanded evaluation capabilities.

Designed with a versatile user interface featuring modern conventions, improved 3D viewports, and flexible user customization, HECSTAB now allows naval architects to easily evaluate multiple design options for both ship and offshore assets.

“HECSTAB is a powerful application enabling users to simply create multiple models and quickly analyze the stability impact of design changes,” said Hendrik Bruhns, President, Herbert-ABS Software Solutions LLC. “HECSTAB allows the user to setup, run and generate results for a wide array of batch analyses, including those required for offshore regulatory evaluations.”

HECSTAB functionality now includes analysis templates for deterministic and probabilistic damage stability evaluations, and a wide range of pre-designed criteria and the tools to modify/create new ones.  Other available calculation methods allow Naval Architects to develop models to analyze trim, intact stability, damage stability and longitudinal strength. HECSTAB contains a fully integrated modeling package allowing easy modification of designs and re-evaluation of assessments. HECSTAB also offers a hierarchical analysis interface and streamlined wizard-style analysis templates.

The software is highly adaptable, with state-of-the-art Python scripting interface enabling architects to customize or create new templates to support required analyses. A fully documented application programming interface is provided, allowing power users to create scripts for every imaginable task.

For a full list of the latest features included in HECSTAB, please visit www.herbert-abs.com

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