Gulf Oil Marine’s NOL for CAT II 40BN Cylinder Oil Gets Extension


Published May 12, 2022 11:17 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Gulf Oil Marine]

Gulf Oil Marine is pleased to announce that on 4th May 2020, our initial No-Objection-Letter (NOL) from MAN Energy Solutions (MAN ES) for our CAT II 40BN cylinder oil, GulfSea Cylcare XP 5040X, was further extended by another 3 years.

This extension by MAN ES follows from the successful completion of more than 2000 hours of confirmation test of GulfSea Cylcare XP 5040X.  

With the success of the confirmation test, we have affirmed the performance of GulfSea Cylcare XP 5040X on two different engine models – MAN Mark 9.2 and Mark 9.5 – both running on low-sulphur fuels.

GulfSea Cylcare XP 5040X has an innovative dispersant technology that’s combined with non-alkaline detergents, anti-oxidant and wear-protection chemistries; these technologies underpin its superior deposit-control performance, leading to significant cleanliness and wear-rate improvements versus regular BN40 products* and hence helping to extend engine component life.  

With industry best practices and sound operations, the use of GulfSea Cylcare XP 5040X is expected to significantly extend cylinder liner life, with piston ring wear and unplanned breakage greatly reduced.  This performance improvement has huge cost-savings potential for ship operators and owners, with the potential to increase the time between piston overhauls and reduce unplanned piston ring replacements.

Gulf Oil Marine has been supplying GulfSea Cylcare XP 5040X to customers after receiving the initial NOL in Aug 2021; our product is currently available in selected major ports.

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