Grand Bahama Shipyard Limited Records an Active Start in 2017

carnival dream

Published Mar 6, 2017 3:28 PM by The Maritime Executive

Grand Bahama Shipyard Limited (GBSL), the largest and most respected shipyard in the Caribbean, will complete work on 10 cruise vessels within first quarter of 2017. Scope of works included significant propulsion and technical systems overhauls, hull treatment, accommodations and public spaces upgrades and the addition of onboard attraction facilities.  

GBSL is proud to share the highlights of 10 of the 23 cruise vessels owned and/or operated by the major players in the industry planned for dry-docking in the first quarter of 2017.

The first to enter dry-dock in January 2017 was Cruise Management International (CMI) managed ‘Grand Celebration’ for a brief refit and upgrade to prior to their busy West Palm Beach to Freeport season.

Carnival Cruise Line will have dry-docked four of the seven vessels scheduled or dry-dock in early 2017. ‘Carnival Ecstasy’ in January followed by ‘Carnival Sensation’ in February, received the same major works which included complete hull treatment, major steel and pipe replacement throughout multiple vessel systems, as well as thrusters and stabilizers overhauls. February welcomed ‘Carnival Sensation’ to Dry Dock 2 with works to include ABB/Carnival co-op project to cyclo-converter supported by GBSL, and the use of the Manitowoc 18000 to lift the new ADG module for installation while alongside on the North Beach Wharf.

‘Carnival Dream’ while in Dry Dock 2 received new sea chest for the scrubbers, thrusters and stabilizers overhauls. GBSL supported the Carnival Hotel Refurbishment Team with interior structural modification works. The Manitowoc 18000 was used to lift the new ADG module for installation while alongside on the North Beach Wharf. ‘Carnival Glory’ visited Dry Dock 2 in February. ‘Glory’ received modifications to the scrubbers sea chest; new installation of an ADG module and the relevant structural reinforcements to support the new ADG module; complete hull treatment; GBSL provided support to Carnival with structural modifications to the pump room to include extensive steel work and GF+ Pipe supply and installation for the addition of the ‘Water Works’ water park project, and finally a module lift of the new water park to be placed on deck 10. Future works include the ‘Breeze’ in April, ‘Elation’ in August, and the ‘Conquest’ in October.

Princess Cruise Line’s booked three vessels in 2017. Late March GBSL will welcome ‘Caribbean Princess’ on Dock 2 with a plan to paint the Princess logo “The Livery” on the bow of the vessel. Other future bookings include the ‘Pacific Princess’ in May and ‘Island Princess’ in November.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line will dry-dock three vessels in 2017. April will welcome ‘Granduer of the Seas’ to Dock 3 followed by ‘Serenade of the Seas’ and ‘Enchantment of the Seas’ both booked in November 2017

Norwegian Cruise Lines docked four of the five ships planned for 2017 within the first quarter. In January NCL’s’ ‘Oceania Insignia’ visited Dock 1 for a quick inspection, followed by ‘Sky’ on Dock 3. Works to ‘Sky’ include: UTM on pools structures; replacement of bakery equipment; GBSL support to Rolls Royce on overhaul of CPP and replacement of side thrusters. GBSL also constructed and maintained a complex scaffold for the Atrium upgrades. The ‘Pearl’ spent a significant amount of time in Dry Dock 3 for extensive works in February to include complete hull treatment, the installation of new ballast water treatment system pipe lines; the overhaul to thrusters, stabilizers and azipods along with the replacement of the propeller blades. Future works to NCL vessels include ‘Jade’s’ extensive dry-dock period on Dock 3 and ‘Seven Seas Mariner’ both scheduled in April.

Disney Cruise Lines will dock ‘Fantasy’ in April on Dock 2 for an extensive visit. Holland America will bring three ships to GBSL in the fourth quarter. Those ships are ‘Zuiderdam’, ‘Rotterdam’ and ‘Nieuw Amsterdam’.

GBSL is known for delivering both cruise and commercial vessels on time, and often ahead of schedule. “To meet the needs of our customers, we are dedicated to continual upgrades to our yard, and our services.” Says GBSL VP Sales and Marketing, Graham Couser. “Last year significant investments included facility upgrades and purchasing of new machinery and tooling adding to our workshops’ capabilities. We further expanded our facility with capital improvements to the North Beach Wharf. Work is in progress to extend our South Beach and East Beach areas.”

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