Government Officials Visit ThPA S.A.

photo of meeting

Published Nov 14, 2022 11:50 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: ThPA S.A. - Port of Thessaloniki]

The Deputy Prime Minister for Public Order and Security and Minister of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria, Ivan Demerdzhiev, accompanied by the Regional Governor of Blagoevgrad, Nikolay Shushkov, the Consul General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Thessaloniki, Anton Markov and the Counsellor to the Consulate General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Thessaloniki, Kremen Stoev, visited ThPA S.A. today.

During the meeting, which was held in an excellent atmosphere, the Executive Chairman of the BoD & Managing Director of ThPA S.A., Thanos Liagkos, in the presence of other executives of the Company, informed Mr. Demerdzhiev on the progress of the implementation of the Investment Plan, the upgrading of the infrastructure and equipment of the Port and emphasized on the hinterland expansion strategy of ThPA S.A.

In conclusion, Mr. Liagkos referred to the various services provided by ThPA Sofia EAD, the Company’s dry port in Sofia, and their importance for the global transport and logistics industry, highlighting that ThPA S.A. mission is to provide an evolving, efficient and reliable intermodal network, which safeguards and upgrades the supply chain of its broader region, while actively contributing to the growth of its business partners, delivering value to all stakeholders and society, while promoting sustainability.

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