Future Care and Yale Hosts Panel Discussion

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By MarEx 2015-05-15 12:08:25

Future Care Inc., a leading provider of health care management services to the maritime community, Yale University School of Medicine and The Yale Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine will host a panel discussion “Seafarer Health, Productivity and Wellness”. Christina DeSimone, CEO of Future Care Inc., the moderator, will be joined by Marty Slade, Research Director, of The School of Medicine and School of Public Health and Dr. Rafael Lefkowitz of The Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine Center.

Ms. Christina DeSimone, commented “Over the past 25 years Future Care has been dedicated to providing international shipboard telemedicine diagnosis and treatment for our ship owners, ship managers and P & I Clubs. In recent years we have improved our data collection and analysis of seafarer health concerns. Together with The Yale School of Medicine we are continuing to seek methods to improve the level of health care for seafarers on board and onshore. These efforts will not only improve the quality of life for seafarers but will result in reduced cost for treatment of injuries and illnesses.”

Dr. Rafael Lefkowitz said “Through my active participation in Future Care’s Physician Advisory at Sea Program I have developed a more focused knowledge of the challenges of telemedicine services to the worldwide seafarer population. This knowledge will assist The Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine Center in developing novel protocols to improve telemedicine for seafarers around the world.”

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