Furuno Launches Digital Transformation of Marine Electronics


Published Jan 13, 2022 12:59 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Furuno]

Furuno is a leader in supplying electronic equipment and solutions for the fishing industry, the shipping industry, the recreational segment, and land-based industries such as GPS systems and weather radar.

Furuno has launched a new website dedicated to the digital transformation of marine electronics, presenting an ambitious vision for the future. They outline the latest technological innovations already on the market or poised for commercialization.

With the evocative slogan, "Full Ahead with Furuno," the company explains how this digital transformation will lead to a revolution that will shake up the maritime industry in an increasingly connected and digital world. This vision for the future is not as far away as one might think.

"The first autonomous ship by 2025." "0 accidents at sea." "Ship data management from the shore." While these statements may sound ambitious, Furuno's new website explains why and how these objectives can and will be achieved. The site disseminates Furuno's vision using plain language, graphics, and video, making these new concepts accessible to everyone, from the layman to marine professionals.

Furuno is not new to the concept, having published volumes of educational materials in the past that explain how their Sonar, Radar, and Fish Finders work to locate objects. In their new website, Furuno clearly states their ambition to use all their technological know-how to achieve the future of commercial navigation - safe and efficient navigation even without human presence. This grand ambition is achievable only when two essential conditions are met: Autonomous Navigation and Remote Management. Around these critical points, Furuno presents its strategy and future aspirations.

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