First Adjunct Professor of Maritime Informatics Appointed by Chalmers


Published Mar 4, 2021 10:00 PM by The Maritime Executive

With the process of digitalization speeding up as we move through 2021, a new and exciting development occurred this week in Sweden with the first Adjunct Professor of Maritime Informatics being appointed at the Chalmers University of Technology. It is the first Professorship in Maritime Informatics, and it was awarded to Mikael Lind of the Research institutes of Sweden (RISE). Mikael is a regular contributor to The Maritime Executive, focusing on the digital shift and Maritime Informatics as an emerging discipline responding to global concerns. 

Mikael has co-authored two books on Maritime Informatics, and the second book - with 130-plus authors from 25-plus nations – is expected to hit the shelves in the near future. A review of his first Maritime Informatics book can be found here.

Mikael consistently and successfully uses substantial empirical basis and study to produce research and books of great value to the maritime community as we progress with digitalization. Often, he writes for and together with the maritime industry. With SMART ships quickly becoming a reality, it is important that research and studies continue to evolve with digitalization and automation. 

With the first course being offered on Maritime Informatics at Chalmers and the increasing global visibility of the subject, The Maritime Executive would like to congratulate Mikael on his new appointment and wish him all the best in the role.

More details and a video of the appointment and an interesting talk on Maritime Informatics is available here. To learn more about maritime informatics, visit www.maritimeinformatics.org.

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