Finnish Companies Digitalize Welding

Credit: Kemppi
Credit: Kemppi

By The Maritime Executive 06-13-2019 05:27:38

Digitalization of welding accelerates when the capability of the most intelligent welding machines is combined with the information produced by a unique manufacturing execution system developed in Finland. The cooperation between Kemppi and PipeCloud opens up significant benefits for both pipe welding companies and their customers.

PipeCloud enables the export of unique data from pipe weld joints based on the 3D design model to Kemppi's WeldEye software, which returns the work performances back to PipeCloud.

“Integration with PipeCloud is once again a sign of WeldEye's easy integration with companies’ key systems. This enables an easy transition to paperless welding production management and provides a real-time view of production also to enterprise resource planning and KPI systems,” says Kemppi’s Vice President, Sales Development, Mikko Väisänen.

“The factory management gets transparent information about what happens at the factory. This opens up new opportunities for improving production efficiency. The end user who ordered the work, for example, an oil refinery, is able to trace the events of the welding project to the level of individual welds if necessary,” he continues.

WeldEye is the first universal software solution for managing welding production. It speeds up the management of qualifications and welding procedures and collects welding parameter and performance data, such as heat input.

PipeCloud is an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software developed for industrial needs. It combines design data to material data, bundles tasks and tailors programs for machine tools and work orders for welders.

PipeCloud’s CEO Jarno Soinila estimates that digitalization can increase  welding efficiency by 20-100 percent depending on the situation.

“The pipe pre-fabricator’s management sees in real-time if the welding machines’ arc-on time is, for example, 20 percent of the total working time. They can then make corrections to production management and also see the effect immediately. Measurable facts replace the gut feeling,” says Soinila.

“The traceability of welding work is important particularly for the oil and gas industry as well as the nuclear industry. We believe that the traceability requirement for welding will soon be coming to other areas of construction too,” he adds.

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