Film to Depict Migrants' Journey

By MarEx 2015-09-20 17:19:30

CLANDESTINE is a short film with a £70,000 ($110,000) budget, written by award winning filmmaker Stuart Gatt, produced by Kelly Goncalves and Kate Glover and supported by two affiliated charities Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders (MSF) and Human Rights at Sea. 

All profits from the film will be donated to MSF to support the heroic work of doctors involved in search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean.

The film will aim to shoot in November 2015 in Malta and aim for a Cannes Film Festival Premiere in May 2016. The team hopes to use an extended festival run for the film, which will expose it to audiences all over the world and increase awareness of the issue. In doing so, it hopes that it will gain enough momentum to warrant a feature film version that will extend even further the total audience that will be exposed to a film on this subject.

Film Synopsis

With nothing left but hope, Emmanuel and Olu are forced to leave their lives behind and board a boat destined for Europe. The rickety, fishing vessel, overflowing with refugees from Libya, Syria, Eritrea and Iraq, with their own stories of war, destruction and persecution, all pray that like so many before them, the bottom of the Mediterranean will not become their final resting place. 

Olu and Emmanuel realize that the life jackets they were promised are nowhere to be seen, and they are quickly awoken to the reality of their trip when a smuggler executes a migrant voicing dissent. Powerless to their traffickers, Emmanuel and Olu must endure illness, beatings and dehydration as their will, like their boat, is pushed to its limits by the unforgiving Mediterranean.

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