ENSM Launches Promotional Crews

École Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM)

Published Jun 4, 2024 2:15 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: École Nationale Supérieure Maritime]

The École Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM) is launching its « promotional crews » as a continuation of its enhancement actions set out in the 2023/2027 Contract of Objectives and Performance.

The main aim of the promotional crews is to create an ENSM community made up of students, graduates, staff and maritime professionals, dedicated to promoting the School at events in France and abroad. They work to reach out to future candidates by speaking at high schools and colleges in France and abroad, as well as at trade fairs, events and forums. Their strength lies in their ability to combine knowledge of young people, with ENSM students, knowledge of the sector, with professionals, and ENSM projects, with ENSM executives.

The first event at the Institut Saint Joseph in Le Havre François Lambert, Managing Director of ENSM and Director of the ENSM Foundation, accompanied by Guillaume de Beauregard, Director of the Le Havre site, Arnaud Le Dimna, pilot from Le Havre and ENSM alumnus, Hugo Le Pape, as well as Florian Batrel and Charles Henri Caubrière, ENSM students and alumni of the Institut Saint Joseph, were pleased to start the maneuver, welcomed by Guillaume Demeillers, Director of the establishment. In front of an audience of Terminale students applying to join the Hydro, and Premières students still considering their future choices, messages promoting the School and the merchant navy and marine engineering professions were passed on.

The speech presented the exceptional profession of merchant seaman, with concrete examples to give young people a sense of what it's all about. At a time when young people need to find jobs that speak to them and excite them, this first crew made a success of its crossing, and it's a safe bet that many of the students found the answers they were looking for in their future careers.

To enable these crews to develop their activities throughout France, ENSM has decided to centralize all requests at [email protected]. All secondary schools in France, without exception, have been informed of this initiative, and can now request a presentation of the merchant navy and marine engineering professions for their students, as part of forums, planned meetings or dedicated events. ENSM will put together crews using the networks of Armateurs de France, Hydros alumni and the dynamic Fédération Nationale du Mérite Maritime. Through its Foundation, the ENSM has made a specific commitment to compensate participants for their travel expenses, for the benefit of the collective.

Many thanks in advance to all those who agree to take part in this initiative, which we are structuring with the ENSM and its Foundation. Of course, the ENSM promotion was already organized. Of course, the merchant navy was already well known. But not enough. So we wanted to move forward and start a new movement: more sustainable, more ambitious, more structured. We had to move forward with the “crew spirit” that characterizes Hydro. Thank you to Armateurs de France, Hydros and the Fédération Nationale du Mérite Maritime for helping us move forward to promote the ENSM and thus the merchant navy and marine engineering. So, don't hesitate, all together, Yes ENSM! » François Lambert, Managing Director of ENSM and Director of the ENSM Foundation

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