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By MarEx 2016-03-04 09:43:31

Alice Robinson began her career with My Cleaning Service in 1991 and has been at the MITAGS-CCMIT complex since 2000. My Cleaning Service has been the housekeeping contractor for the hotel and administrative facilities for more than 43 years.

As Executive Housekeeper, Alice oversees the 232-room hotel, 500-seat dining room, and 100,000-square-foot conference meeting space as well as the administrative building, including the full-mission training simulators. Before becoming Executive Housekeeper she served as a Supervisor and then Operations Manager.

Alice said that when she first arrived at MITAGS-CCMIT it was a totally different experience for her because up to then she had only worked in commercial business environments. She told My Cleaning Service that she’d “give it a go” for sixty days or so, but it’s now been 15 years! She credits that to the MITAGS-CCMIT management and the welcoming atmosphere at the complex.

And while the cleaning staff has shrunk over the years due to budgets, Alice still manages about twenty-one people, which she says is “like being an octopus” in terms of scheduling, managing and meeting the needs of a very busy and multifaceted facility. A highlight for her was the renovation of the North and South Towers and the resulting cleanup challenge for her crew, which performed admirably, so that today the hotel rooms are modern and comfortable and easier to maintain.

Alice says she also wanted to thank Howard Van Kirk, who recently retired as Director of Operations after 37 years at CCMIT: “Howard made my job so much easier because he always trusted my judgment and I’ll always appreciate his leadership qualities, organizational skills and caring personality.”

Alice enjoys doing her job every day and interacting with the guests, management, and especially her team. “I’ve been very lucky to love my work and to do it alongside a dedicated staff and management team,” she adds. “Hopefully, I’ll be here for a long time to come.”

Congratulations, Alice, on 15 years of service and being named Featured Employee!

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