EMCS Industries Ltd. Announces Partnership with Cathelco Limited

EMCS Industries Ltd. and Cathelco Limited

Published Sep 20, 2022 12:10 PM by The Maritime Executive

Today EMCS Industries Ltd, announces they have entered into an agreement with Cathelco Limited to provide parts, service, and new installations for Cathelco products in addition to their suite of antifouling solutions MARELCO TM .

“EMCS Industries and Cathelco Limited have a shared history and aligned values that began in Canada 67 years ago, we are excited for this next chapter” said Trevor Tasker, President, and CEO of EMCS Industries Ltd.

Entering into this agreement with Cathelco Limited will allow EMCS Industries to provide North American customers with a focused antifouling and anticorrosion provider. EMCS provides an unparalleled wealth of experience in antifouling and anticorrosion systems.

The inventors of the first electrolytic marine growth prevention system, EMCS, are confident that this partnership will further enhance the turnkey service EMCS currently provides and will significantly improve its product and service offering to North American customers.

Further Collaboration
EMCS and Cathelco’s intention is to collaborate further, with a plan to jointly undertake considerable research and development as we advance in the search for more sustainable solutions in antifouling and anticorrosion.

The two companies will continue to explore developmental opportunities arising from their combined efforts, investment, and expertise.

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