Eltorque Brings Next Generation Failsafe to Valve Control


By The Maritime Executive 2017-05-26 11:23:36

The single most important factor for determining the success of any voyage? Getting safely to port.

Now Eltorque is making safe arrival a more dependable outcome. Eltorque’s ‘Safe Intelligence’ concept is a prototype line of battery-assisted failsafe valve actuators that will guarantee full functionality in the event of power or signal loss.

A robust solution to round out the intelligent control offered by all Eltorque actuators, Eltorque’s intelligent battery solutions keep valves under control, even in an emergency.

With four different failsafe commands and constant monitoring of battery status and capacity, shipowners can rest easy, knowing the valve can do its job when it is needed most. And as with all Eltorque equipment, it’s virtually maintenance free.

Smart control just got safer

CEO Arnstein Kjesbu of Eltorque, the leading manufacturer of electric valve actuators, has a clear idea of the added value for shipowners of failsafe systems:

“Many of our customers operate in remote areas, under extreme conditions. They know that if something goes wrong out there, help is far off. They trust us to deliver flawless functionality for valve control, and now we can deliver that functionality even in the event of power loss.”

Besides being failsafe, Eltorque’s intelligent battery solutions go beyond standard pneumatic spring-return functionality. Compact and lightweight as well, they contribute to a lighter vessel with more efficient use of space. Add to that ease of installation due to the efficient hybrid cable, and it amounts to a vital component that delivers on every aspect of shipowner demands.

“Our company slogan is ‘Lifelong Intelligent Control’ says Kjesbu. “That describes not just what our actuators do, but what shipowners get with Eltorque equipment controlling the vital valve systems on their ships. They don’t have to worry about maintenance, they have real-time communication with the actuators and the batteries, and they have full and precise control over valve functions – for the life of the ship.”

Eltorque has honed and refined their mission-critical actuators to incorporate serial connections and a hybrid, CANbus connector cable that not only controls the actuator, but relays information to and from the unit, enabling operators to monitor in-situ status while exercising precision control over the valve. Now that information is supplemented with battery status and capacity.

From fishing, to offshore, and beyond

Eltorque has been supplying all-electric valve control actuators to fishing and offshore support vessels for decades. From their North Sea base, Eltorque continues to bring new standards for vital valve control to the global maritime market:

“Failsafe capability is of particular importance in segments like cruise, one of the key markets for Eltorque going forward,” says Arnstein Kjesbu. “We have always delivered functionality and reliability, which is crucial to meeting the high standards of the cruise industry. Now failsafe battery control takes that reliability to the ultimate level. This is the next step in contributing to smarter and more reliable ships, and to shipowners’ peace of mind.”

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