Elogen and Sarralle to Collaborate on Production of Green Hydrogen

Image courtesy of Elogen
Image courtesy of Elogen

Published Apr 11, 2022 9:26 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Elogen]

Elogen and Sarralle announce the signing of a collaboration agreement for the engineering, manufacturing, supply and commissioning of green hydrogen generation equipment for the steel industry.

Elogen, a leader in electrolysis PEM 1 specializing in the design and assembly of electrolyzers to produce green hydrogen, and Sarralle, a world leader in industrial engineering, have signed a collaboration agreement for engineering , the manufacture, supply and commissioning of green hydrogen production equipment for the steel industry. The two companies will work together for the design and manufacture of green hydrogen production equipment and for the integration of containerized electrolysers and electrolysis plants in the steel industry.

The collaboration between Elogen and Sarralle includes the development of pilot projects in which green hydrogen is used as a primary fuel source for the steel industry , as well as the construction of electrolysis plants on said industrial sites .

The steel sector, which today generates around 9 % of total global CO2 emissions , is carrying out decarbonisation actions in line with the European Union's objectives to achieve a decarbonised economy by 2050.

The decarbonization of the steel industry will require significant technological advances, within which green hydrogen will play a key role. Additionally, customers are demanding low-carbon products, investors are expressing increased interest in a sustainable industry, and regulations on CO 2 emissions are becoming stricter. Falling renewable energy costs and improved electrolyser technologies are expected to improve the cost competitiveness of steel produced from green hydrogen .

Jean-Baptiste Choimet, CEO of Elogen, comments : “ With this collaboration agreement, Elogen takes its technological solutions to a new stage towards their integration within the most energy-intensive industries. Sarralle will offer Elogen solutions access to the world's leading players in the steel industry. We look forward to incorporating our technology into future projects to help decarbonize this industry. »

Roberto Arroniz , Managing Director of Sarralle E&E , comments : " Sarralle having international experience in the steel, energy and environmental sectors, Elogen is for us the ideal strategic partner to extend our technology solutions. hydrogen and provide steelmakers with a complete solution for green hydrogen , which will enable them to achieve their decarbonization objectives. These solutions will encompass the generation of hydrogen and its integration in steelworks , and up to hydrogen combustion equipment . »

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