ECOM Introduces Android Tablet Series Tab-Ex


By MarEx 2015-04-23 16:49:43

For the first time, mobile workers working in hazardous areas don’t need to find, print and carry paper forms, documents, drawings and diagrams out into the field where they can become wet and difficult to read. Electronic versions can be instantly available on the Tab‐Ex screen which is large enough to read (even in direct sunlight), yet small and light enough to be carried in the field. Updates and electronic sign‐offs also become easier to do and manage, allowing more focus on value added tasks and reduced administration time.

Similarly, “how to” videos can now be viewed directly in the field to guide the user through a difficult or unfamiliar task, preventing user error which may result in unplanned downtime. 3D imaging and Augmented Reality systems can also be used safely in the field to further aid the technician unfamiliar with an area of the site or a specific item of equipment. This way the remote expert is only one stone´s throw away.

Interaction with corporate enterprise systems also becomes easier. Forms that are typically too large for a PDA or Smartphone, can be displayed on Tab‐Ex without the need for continuous scrolling. And, for the older technicians amongst us, the text is now large enough to read.

Complex analysis and trending charts such as those used for Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis become much easier to view on the larger screen, further supporting Operator Driven Reliability programs: Built‐in cameras and full range of wireless capability allowing equipment defects to be captured as inspection and maintenance work is executed, and instantly visible to those who need to diagnose the issue and determine the follow‐on actions. And, the need for team leaders to be notified of plant changes from plant automation systems or drilling systems, with the ability to remotely view (and interact with) real‐time schematics, now becomes possible.

Connectivity – fast and lower cost

The latest Bluetooth standards are also supported by Tab‐Ex, allowing real‐time connectivity to both Bluetooth SmartReady Low Energy 4.0 (BLE) devices as they are introduced to the market, as well as older legacy Bluetooth devices.

As 4G/LTE is increasingly adopted within hazardous areas, Tab‐Ex ensures access to the above capabilities is fast – enabling users to quickly access the information needed to perform the task at hand. And, Tab‐Ex also operates flexibly on those sites with only WiFi access or no wireless access ‐ depending on carrier & regional availability ‐ preventing costly infrastructure updates.

Start Rugged then easily transition to Hazardous

Recognizing that different users have different needs and different environments, Tab‐Ex is a complete product family based on one common platform, the rugged Samsung Galaxy Tab Active tablet, allowing your software team to develop and test your applications on the rugged tablet, then easily transition the application to operate on the hazardous area tablet, saving time and money along the way.

This way hazardous and harsh environment users are enabled to gain of Samsung´s benefits along the compatibility and the whole range of preloaded applications of the Samsung device for a safer and more secure work environment with unparalleled security functions like device encryption, MDM, VPN and secure connectivity (Samsung KNOX).

The state‐of‐the‐art tablet GALAXY Tab Active offers amongst others IP67 Water & Dust Resistance, Anti‐shock 1.2m Drop Test as well as easy handling and lightweight and an auto‐focus camera (with flash) for barcode scanning. Related accessories and peripherals enable broader

Global certification for use in hazardous areas around the world, also ensures your investment in ecom is protected. Even deeper investment security can be obtained through the optional 3‐year Service Level Agreement: TCO calculation made easy.

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