Ecoflow Propulsor for Hydrogen Viking

Hydrogen Viking
Hydrogen Viking

Published Feb 16, 2021 9:41 PM by The Maritime Executive

Servogear proudly confirms delivery of the propeller system, Ecoflow Propulsor to  groundbreaking vessel.  

In January, it was official that Green Yacht AS has chosen Servogear as supplier of a  propulsion system for the vessel Hydrogen Viking. The boat, which is a rebuilt Sunseeker  Predator 95, will be one of the world's first and fastest ships powered by hydrogen.  Hydrogen Viking will be equipped with a hydrogen cell that will deliver energy to a  battery bank on board which in turn will supply gears and propellers with sufficient  power to move the ship over 30 knots!  

"We are very proud, and it is very rewarding and educational for Servogear to take part  in this innovative project. Servogear aims to sit in the driver's seat when it comes to  delivering future-oriented propulsion technology and this order should be the foremost  proof of just that ", says Torleif Stokke, MD in Servogear in a comment.  

Hydrogen Viking will be one of the first vessels in the world to be powered by hydrogen  alone and in the lead when it comes to top speed. The vessel is a pilot project for the  owner, Green Yacht and the system is intended for further commercialization for both  newbuilds and conversions. Hydrogen in combination with battery is already included on  many drawing boards and in many plans, but Hydrogen Viking will be one of the first to  be realized.  

Now that we have decided on a supplier of propulsion system, we have closed a large  and important milestone for the project. We chose Servogear, simply because of their  history and expertise in propulsion systems. A competence we have already made good  use of in the detailed design of Hydrogen Viking. We are now on schedule with the  project and are really looking forward to the test drive and launch!” says Christian  Erichsen, project manager for Hydrogen Viking in Green Yacht AS.  

Green Yacht is a Bergen-based company that amongst others have Greenstat, Prototech  and Corvus, as their owners.  

"It is very positive that we can use a local supplier of a propulsion system when  developing green energy solutions for the maritime sector." says Vegard Frihammer, MD  in Greenstat and COB in Green Yacht.  

Delivery of the propulsion solution is set for the summer of this year and everything is in  place for the first highspeed hydrogen vessel in the world to sail under the Norwegian  flag. Now, that is something to be proud of!  

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