Digital Solutions Will Enhance Training Opportunities in 2018

Christian Ioannou
Christian Ioannou

By MarEx 2017-12-19 17:18:01

Advancements in technology on board ships will lead to further training opportunities for seafarers in 2018, says leading catering training provider Marine Catering Training Consultancy (MCTC).

Managing Director Christian Ioannou believes ship operators must prioritize investing in the right tools to allow seafarers access to training while they are away at sea.

In 2018 MCTC will be launching new digital platforms to enable seafarers to manage their training online effectively.

MCTC, based in Limassol, Cyprus, trains catering crews from all over the world in all types of cuisine, through on board distance coaching and onshore programs at its training establishment in Makati, The Philippines.

Ioannou said: “These days there is a lot expected from the catering departments who are expected to now be experts on nutrition as well as keeping to strict budgets and knowing how to cook a variety of healthy meals. They need to know how to cater for different cultures and tailor dishes for those crew members who may be suffering with health issues, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

“It is important that shipping operators realize the importance of investing in technology to enable continued training for the crew members. E-learning is a vital aspect of the training we provide and I see future advancements in technology supporting this.  

“Next year we will be launching new software to assist seafarers with their training and learning how to create wholesome meals for their crews. I would also like to see more crews sharing knowledge and best practices with each other through digital communications.” 

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