Demurrage Calculation App Developed for Oil Tanker Industry


By The Maritime Executive 02-10-2019 12:08:56

At last, the oil tanker industry has an app for calculating demurrage claims on the go. Smartphone apps have been one of the biggest innovations in the turn of the decade, and that has led to a rocketing amount of dependency on apps for work-related purposes. 

Similarly, the oil tanker industry witnessed immense increase of the demurrage and associated costs. Its constantly evolving and expanding functionality makes it one of the most prominent fields in the industry. However, oil tanker owners and charterers continue to face the challenge in demurrage claims, that stand a risk of being rejected due to late submissions beyond agreement time bars.

In a first, the I-Demurrage app has been created to make the time-consuming process of calculating demurrage more easier. I-Demurrage enables the user to calculate demurrage in a simple and effective format and email calculations to the user’s email ID. The app aspires to save millions in the process. 

Leena Asher, the brain behind the I-Demurrage app, is a Specialist Demurrage Analyst and a subject matter expert in her industry on demurrage. She says, “I identified there’s a need for an app to calculate demurrage after interacting with my industry peers. The process can be made simpler and since we’re in a tech-savvy generation, I decided the app was the need of the day. As the creator, I hope I-Demurrage saves my industry peers’ time and money in their busy work-routines.”

More information is available from claims@idemurrage.com

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