Daspos Developed an Additional Fire Prevention Detector


By The Maritime Executive 02-04-2019 04:44:51

Daspos, a Danish company specializes in durable fire protection solutions to meet demands within the maritime industry, has developed Leakage Alarm System, LAS-10 - an atmospheric oil mist and hydrocarbon detection system for the open engine room.

A fire in the engine room typically originates from a failure in the fuel system, which is then followed by impingement of oil onto a high temperature surface.

Prevention of the fire risk is the right solution

The LAS-10 solution is a fire-prevention solution. The functionality of the Leakage Alarm System builds on a very large amount of air flow - 10,000 liters per minute - which is led through a detection chamber and trough a specially designed filter. The electronics in the detector combines and analyzes simultaneously the content of both gasses and oil sprays. 

A sudden increase in differential pressure over the installed filter gives a signal to the crew about the increased dangerous situation in the environment. 

No other solutions on the market combine these two detection methods or even using differential pressure as an indicator for the fire and explosion risk. Moreover, the large air flow is a much quicker indicator for potential risk than previously seen with other detection systems, detecting by e.g. light reflection or in a fraction of the analyzed air flowing through the detector.

New: Leakage alarm for hot box protection

Daspos recently developed a new detector, specially designed for the hot boxes covering the high-pressure fuel systems.

The Hot-Box Detector H-18 was designed for installation in engine hot boxes, with a quick release adaptor. It was designed for smaller compartments in order to detect risks caused by leakages at the earliest possible state of detection. It is of crucial importance to have enough time to react.
The Hot-Box Detector H-18 sensor can operate in areas with temperatures reaching up to 200°C/392°F. The detector is easy to install, it is not affected by unintended human interference, and it does not require light in order to operate.

The Hot-Box Detector H-18 electronics sample and analyze the air looking for hydrocarbon leaks. If it detects any increased levels of hydrocarbon, in the form of gas or mist, the Hot-Box Detector H-18 sends an early warning signal to the crew about the increasing danger.

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