Cranston-Eagle Marine Hook Prevents Rescue Boat Falls


Published Apr 9, 2020 9:58 PM by The Maritime Executive

Lifesaving equipment such as rescue boats needs to be thoroughly reliable. If the hook holding it unexpectedly opens and the vessel falls into the water, there's a serious risk to the rescuing crew, not to mention the overboard victim. Cranston-Eagle Marine Off-Load Hooks from Delta "T" Systems will simply not open under load, making them the safest devices to use when deploying rescue and life craft.

Cranston-Eagle Marine Off-Load Hooks lock securely while the boat is suspended. Only when the vessel is in the water and all weight removed will pulling the cable open the hook.

Available in 2–12mt capacities, models are offered for davit, crane fall, boat roof and open boat configurations. They're built from 100% stainless steel for uncompromising reliability. The APR series of Cranston-Eagle Marine Off-Load Hooks is SOLAS certified and USCG approved.

Delta "T" Systems is the exclusive distributor of Cranston-Eagle Marine Off-Load Hooks in the US, and Central and South America. The company is factory authorized to maintain, rebuild, perform load and dye penetration testing, and issue recertification documentation. It stocks a complete selection of parts and offers fast global delivery.

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