Cox Marine Announces Collaboration with Dometic Optimus Rigging Elements

Cox Marine
Cox Marine has collaborated with Dometic Marine to validate the CXO300 with the Optimus 360 Joystick and E-Actuator.

Published Nov 15, 2023 4:40 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Cox Marine]

Cox Marine is always looking for new ways to unlock the potential of a CXO300-powered boat. By working with Dometic, they have integrated the technologically advanced electronic steering Optimus E-Actuator and the Optimus 360 Joystick to the CXO300’s rigging options, providing high performance, energy efficiency and season-after-season reliability. 

Paired with the exceptional dynamism of CXO300’s torque, this electronic steering system provides instantly responsive handling and precise, controlled manoeuvres, unlocking the potential of the CXO300, particularly at low speeds. 

With no hydraulics, more space is made available in the stern of the boat, with the removal of the power steering pump and hoses, a cleaner look on the transom, and reduced maintenance of the hydraulic systems.

Introducing the Optimus 360 joystick gives our customers confidence and control when at the helm. This intuitive control system allows you to move not only forward and back but also sideways and is designed to make low-speed manoeuvring that much easier. 

Introducing these systems to our product has been undertaken based on increasing customer demand for precision steering and control aboard a wide range of recreational and commercial vessels.

Nathan Quick, Principal Controls Engineer at Cox Marine, explains, “Adding joystick control to the CXO300’s controls system provides the end user greater control when slow speed manoeuvring their vessel around a marina. The system seamlessly integrates with the other Dometic control products that are already in use with our outboard. The joystick system was integrated and validated with the support of the Dometic team.”

“Cox Marine has proven itself to be at the cutting edge of developing clean, efficient outboard power for a wide range of vessels,” said Eric Fetchko, President of Dometic Marine. “Integrating our Optimus steering and Optimus Joystick control with the company’s outboard engine will prove to be an important development for our business around the world,” added Fetchko.

All validated Dometic Marine control systems are available via your local Cox Marine Representative. To find who your local representative is, visit www.coxmarine.com.

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