CoolCo set for Top Performance with BASSnet Vetting & HSEQ Software

BASS Software

Published May 31, 2023 9:25 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: BASS]

Cool Company Ltd (‘CoolCo’), the leading LNG shipping company listed on the stock exchanges in New York and Oslo, is seizing the opportunity to strengthen and secure its safety and vetting performance by switching to BASSnet’s Vetting and HSEQ software modules.

The decision to acquire and implement BASSnet was taken after conducting a thorough assessment and covers the entire scope of safety management and performance analysis for its fleet and offices.

“As a comprehensive fleet management solution, BASSnet offers high value to ensure our fleet’s safety and quality performance,” says Karl Oddvar Eeg, Head of HSEQ and Marine at CoolCo. “We are implementing all the BASSnet modules for safety and risk management, document management, auditing, inspections, vetting and TMSA. It’s a pleasure to see the significant synergies across the BASSnet software suite.”

Mr. Eeg notes, “BASSnet’s interconnected modules also enable us to use related reporting tools to cover the full flow of events, observations, non-conformities, or suggestions—whether it is from the fleet’s operations or from audits, inspections or vetting. We are very impressed by BASSnet’s completeness for managing the industry challenges in our business segment.” 

All-in-one HSEQ Software System

BASSnet’s HSEQ software is designed to drive efficiency and productivity end-to-end.  Relevant actions can be concluded and followed up—such as for operational procedures and routines, organisation or competence, technical assets, or any other area. History—even from dry-docking work—is also available onboard for validation during vetting, inspections, and audits.

“As a complete ERP system, BASSnet streamlines the HSEQ process flow across the entire fleet,” says Per Steinar Upsaker, CEO & Managing Director at BASS Software. “Our all-in-one HSEQ software enables companies to meet safety standards effectively and efficiently. BASSnet’s centralised database provides holistic analytics to manage fleetwide safety and quality.”

CoolCo will also deploy BASSnet’s innovative Safety & Quality mobile app for anywhere, anytime access. The on-site digital assistant provides seamless data exchange with BASSnet. Personnel can instantly snap, upload and mark up images, complete audit & inspection checklists, create new event reports, and assign follow-up actions.

BASS Software Ltd and CoolCo are working closely together for successful project implementation. The powerful BASSnet HSEQ software is poised to lift CoolCo’s already strong fleet performance to an even higher level.

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