CHIRP Reminds on Fire Risks


By MarEx 2016-09-02 23:31:59

The latest newsletter from the Confidential Hazardous Incident Reporting Programme (CHIRP) reminds seafarers of the crucial importance of hot work procedures. 

Another article on fire risk concerns galley fires. 

The newsletter also considers reports with the theme of collision avoidance including one involving an encounter between a yacht and merchant ship at night. “We are reminded that at sea, and especially on bridges "doubt = danger", says Charles Style, a CHIRP advisor. “We also address the growing misuse of VHF radio to "arrange" collision avoidance, and the proper use of Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) in ships.

“Where emergency equipment – designed to save life or prevent injury – is concerned, we are also reminded that we don't get second chances with that which is ‘least used, most needed.’ When a ship founders, this is not the moment to discover that the lifeboat cannot be launched or lowered. We all know that the ‘sea endures no makeshifts’.” 

We challenge charterers to adopt a more careful approach when nominating a port; an unsafe berth means an unsafe port that can be a breach of the Charter Party.

Confidentially submit dangerous occurrence reports to CHIRP here.

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