Calling for More Nominations for the IMRF Awards

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By The Maritime Executive 07-08-2018 06:23:15

Anyone with knowledge of an individual or team that has been made an exceptional contribution to maritime search and rescue is being urged to submit an entry for the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) Awards now. 

Theresa Crossley, CEO IMRF says: "Entries are coming in from around the world, but the closing date is rapidly approaching. There's still time to nominate people who have really made a difference to maritime search and rescue and, as a consequence, have saved more lives at sea.  The closing date for nominations is July 31, 2018, but don't delay. This is your chance to make a difference, by nominating someone else who has made a difference in maritime SAR!"

Every year 360,000 people drown worldwide[1], and the World Health Organisation cites drowning as the third leading cause of unintentional death worldwide. But that number would be much bigger if it wasn't for the work of maritime search and rescue (SAR) services – and the trainers, equipment manufacturers and communications experts who support them - around the globe.  The IMRF Awards offer a valuable opportunity to recognize their efforts.

Last year's winners included a first mate on a dry bulk tanker; a migrant aid organization operating in the Mediterranean Sea; a team from an established SAR organization working to increase and disseminate knowledge in developing countries; and the two founders of a relatively young, but now highly respected, SAR organization.

Theresa Crossley, CEO IMRF adds: "Maritime SAR happens all around the world at all hours of the day and night in all kinds of conditions, so if you know of an individual or a team who deserve recognition for their exceptional service, expert skills or innovation please do nominate them now.  It's very easy to do, using the form on the IMRF website and helps to give all those involved in maritime SAR the international recognition they deserve."

The IMRF is calling for entries in four IMRF Awards 2018 categories:

•      The IMRF Award for Outstanding Individual Contribution to a Maritime SAR Operation
•      The IMRF Award for Outstanding Team Contribution to a Maritime SAR Operation
•      Innovation and Technology in Maritime Search and Rescue (to recognize technological innovations that improve maritime SAR locally and globally for the rescuer and/or for those being rescued)
•      The IMRF Vladimir Maksimov Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Maritime SAR Sector.

The IMRF was originally founded in 1924 to raise awareness of the technical aspects of maritime search and rescue and right from the start, it brought together SAR teams from around the world to share best practice and techniques.  Today the IMRF and its members are still working to increase knowledge of maritime SAR and to highlight the best global resources for saving lives at sea. 

This year's IMRF Awards ceremony and dinner will be hosted by the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (RS) at their new high-tech training center, RS Noatun near Horten in Norway, following the IMRF's annual European Regional Meeting.

Once again this year, there will also be an IMRF Local Hero Award 2018, which will be presented to an exceptional local SAR individual nominated by the event's hosts, the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue. 

Nominations can be made online at: http://www.imrfawards.org/nomination-form-imrf-awards or by email to: imrfawards@imrf.org.uk  or by phone, by calling: 0044 (0)1569 767405 for an application form. 

The closing date for nominations is Tuesday 31 July 2018.

The IMRF Awards 2018 recognize actions that took place, or were completed, in the period from 01 July 2017 to 30 June 2018. Any individual or organization anywhere in the world can be nominated for an IMRF Award.

All of the submissions will be assessed by a panel of expert judges and the winners will be announced at an awards dinner hosted by the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue in Norway, on Thursday 8 November 2018.

The IMRF is grateful for the kind support of its sponsors. 

The lead sponsor for the IMRF Awards 2018 is Orolia Maritime, which is also sponsoring the Team Award for the third year in succession.  Navigation safety has been the core of Orolia Maritime's Emergency Readiness and Response heritage over the last seventy years, leveraging globally trusted safety solutions, fleet management technology and maritime legislation expertise. Orolia Maritime's leading edge Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing solutions protect and augment critical GNSS dependant vessel infrastructure, while its brand portfolio includes McMurdo and Kannad beacons, Netwave's VDR technology and the Orolia Omnicom portfolio of Communication and Tracking solutions. (Orolia Maritime - trusted for safer journeys www.orolia.com)

Inmarsat, the global satellite owner and operator providing mobile and fixed communications services to the maritime industry, is once again sponsoring the Lifetime Achievement Award (www.inmarsat.com)

The Individual Award is sponsored by CM Hammar, whose vision is to substantially reduce loss of life at sea by creating better solutions for safety at sea (www.cmhammar.com). 

The Innovation & Technology Award is sponsored by Pole Star, which has been proudly serving the maritime sector by increasing safety and security at sea for 20 years (www.polestarglobal.com).

The Awards Dinner is being sponsored by Swede Ship Marine, builders of professional and exclusive boats for the most demanding customers worldwide (www.swedeship.se).

The Local Hero Award is sponsored by the Norwegian Seafarers Union and the Norwegian Union of Marine Engineers (www.nsu.org), (www.filnorgain.org) and NSOF Novsk Sjooffisersforbund (https://www.sjooff.no/Sider/default.aspx)

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