BRIX Marine & Allen Marine Join to Launch Ultimate Whale Watching Vessel

BRIX Marine

Published Oct 9, 2023 4:33 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: BRIX Marine]

BRIX Marine, renowned for crafting innovative aluminum catamarans, proudly introduces the latest addition to their PaxCat portfolio: the 4818-HTC “Eagle”. Expertly designed in collaboration with Allen Marine Whale Watching Tours, this custom-built vessel promises to revolutionize the whale watching experience for enthusiasts and adventurers alike in Sitka, Alaska. Allen Marine Whale Watching Tours has long been a pillar of whale watching in Alaska, offering unparalleled opportunities to witness majestic creatures in their natural habitat. With a commitment to sustainability and education, Allen Marine Whale Watching Tours aligns seamlessly with BRIX Marine’s dedication to crafting vessels that provide both memorable experiences and responsible exploration. With its 48’ length and 18’ beam, Eagle boasts an array of features tailored to elevate the whale watching journey. Constructed with 5086 alloy aluminum hull skins, the vessel ensures exceptional durability while navigating the dynamic Alaskan waters. Its extended T-transom with a webbed nylon gate ensures safe and comfortable access to the open seas, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in the captivating marine environment.

The vessel’s impressive lightship weight of approximately 31,000 pounds and powered by Quad Suzuki 350hp engines, promises swift and smooth navigation, offering passengers the opportunity to witness marine life up close and personal. The spacious deck, framed on 26″ centers, provides unobstructed views and ample space for guests to move around comfortably.

Designed for optimal passenger experience, the 4818-HTC offers a host of amenities. The interior is thoughtfully designed for both comfort and functionality, featuring Freedman Glitz seating for up to 49 passengers with armrests and convenient PFD storage beneath. The main cabin encompasses a full-width walk-through design, ensuring passengers can effortlessly access different vantage points while enjoying the journey.

Safety and convenience are paramount on the 4818-HTC. Watertight bulkheads, watertight hinged hull access hatches, and an extensive bilge system equipped with float switches and high-water alarms guarantee a secure journey. The vessel’s navigational and communication systems, including Garmin GPSMAP 8612xsv MFD/Sonar, AIS Class B transponder, and a robust audio setup, further enhance the ultimate on-water experience.

As with every BRIX vessel, the 4818-HTC incorporates advanced technology, thoughtful design, and robust engineering, making it a cornerstone in marine tourism. By setting new standards in the industry, BRIX Marine and Allen Marine Whale Watching Tours pave the way for unforgettable whale watching adventures in the heart of Alaska’s stunning wilderness. Learn more at www.brixmarine.com.

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