BISSO Makes Deep Dives in the Gulf of Mexico


By MarEx 2016-11-17 08:39:47

BISSO MARINE, a full service offshore and subsea infrastructure services contractor and member of the ADCI and IMCA, successfully completed a two?month saturation diving campaign in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Using its 415' (126.4m) x 100' (30.4m) construction barge BISSO SUBSEA VISION, configured with a 12?man ABS Classed 1,000’ (300m) saturation system, BISSO MARINE performed a variety of subsea infrastructure services including several subsea abandonments in water depths ranging from 300’ (91m) to  723’ (220m).

Other scopes of work included a Reverse 'J' recovery of several miles of unpiggable 6" pipeline from 400' (122m) of water. The 6" pipeline was lifted vertically through one of the moonpools on the BISSO SUBSEA VISION. The pipeline was vented, saw cut and scrapped within an enclosed decommissioning system designed to capture the contents of the pipeline.

The BISSO SUBSEA VISION also recently completed the lay and burial of several miles of bundled pipeline in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico in less than 200’ (60.9m) of water. While the BISSO SUBSEA VISION moved on to its next decommissioning assignment, the bundled pipeline tie?ins will be performed using the company’s 4 point DSV JOSEPH BISSO.

All work was performed safely without downtime or incident.

The fully classed 12?man saturation system on the BISSO SUBSEA VISION has a 3?man bell deployed through a moonpool and a side?launched hyperbaric rescue chamber (HRC). The BISSO SUBSEA VISION is configured with two pedestal cranes, the main crane having a 300?ton capacity and the auxiliary crane having a 60?ton capacity. The barge also features an 8?point mooring system capable of working in 1,000' (300m). Other barge features include two project moonpools (8' (2.4m) diameter and a 10' (3m) diameter), a pipelay firing line system, significant open deck space, 100 bunks and a helideck rated for a Sikorsky S?76.

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