BEST Helps to Reduce CO2 Emissions in the Logistics Chain

Image courtesy of Hutchison Ports
Image courtesy of Hutchison Ports

Published Oct 21, 2021 2:24 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Hutchison Ports]

Hutchison Ports BEST container terminal has made public its sustainability plan which enables shipowners to reduce their direct carbon footprint by half compared to other conventional terminals.

“The fight against climate change is a challenge that we all face as a society. At Hutchison Ports BEST we are convinced that we must work together to improve the planet´s sustainability. Choosing to have one’s cargo pass through BEST has direct positive consequences on the planet because it reduces 50% of direct CO2 emissions," says Guillermo Belcastro, CEO of Hutchison Ports BEST.

The use of electrical equipment and the energy efficiency of the terminal's automated means enable the reduction of CO2 emissions by half thanks to BEST's high productivity, which is approximately 50% faster than conventional terminals.

Furthermore, the digitisation of a large part of BEST's processes through a 100% digital and automatic gate system reduces waiting times and emissions.

Transport by rail is another pillar of BEST's sustainability strategy. The container terminal develops and operates inland rail terminals that enable energy transition. In this respect, rail movements carried out at BEST last year saved 20,471 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Renewable energy and environmental improvement

Another essential element in the reduction of emissions is the installation of the largest network of electrical connection points for reefer containers (with more than 2,500 points). BEST is working with the Barcelona Port Authority (APB) to have the first electrified quay in southern Europe for connecting ships in port by 2023. All this through a firm commitment to the use of renewable energies, which also includes the use of solar panels.

In addition, BEST actively participates in the worldwide campaign promoted by the Hutchison Ports group GO GREEN initiative with activities such as the planting of aquatic vegetation for the benefit of the Llobregat Delta area.

BEST's sustainability plan complies with 12 of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and is endorsed by different environmental quality certificates such as ISO 14001 and compliance with the Port of Barcelona's Guide to Good Environmental Practices.

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