Bayonet Ocean Vehicles Range Introduced at Undersea Defence Technology

Image courtesy of Bayonet Ocean Vehicles
Image courtesy of Bayonet Ocean Vehicles

Published Jun 16, 2022 3:05 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Bayonet Ocean Vehicles]

Bayonet Ocean Vehicles, a new company, was successfully launched at Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) in Rotterdam last week. At the three day show the company introduced its new line of amphibious crawling vehicles the Bayonet 150, 250 and 350.

Deployable from land or water independent of weather, the new Bayonet crawlers have been designed to transit along the ocean floor as well as on land, making them the only robotic platform in the world capable of working the surf zone, at ocean depths of up to 100 meters, and all the way up the beach.

The Bayonet 150, 250 and 350 amphibious crawlers, are built on OPENSEA, Greensea’s fully open architecture platform. Benefiting from this state-of-the-art software, the crawlers offer precision navigation, payload integration, autonomy, and over-the-horizon command and control, and, combined with robust hardware, cover a wide range of possible payloads and applications.

Attending UDT Nick Hartman, VP Growth and Strategy, said: “Our new amphibious crawlers created quite a stir in our booth as visitors from across Europe saw the spectrum of capability and power these vehicles offer. The variety of integrations, enabled through Greensea’s OPENSEA platform, provide adaptable and flexible user-applications across the defense and wider commercial markets.”

Originally developed by Arnis Mangolds and Mike Farinella of C-2i, the crawlers can easily work in the surf zone, carrying larger sensor payloads on the seafloor, and can be fitted with a variety of environmental, oceanographic, hydrographic, benthic and industry specific sensors to accommodate numerous commercial and military applications.

These can include hydrographic survey, wind farm survey and maintenance, littoral warfare such as mine detection and clearance, coastal dredging support, environmental monitoring of the seafloor, beach zone, rivers and marshes, and wharf inspections.

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