Autonomous Docking & Positioning: MAID Expands its Patent Portfolio

MAID Systems

Published Sep 22, 2022 8:31 PM by The Maritime Executive

Australian company MAID (Marine Autonomous Intelligent Docking) Systems has substantially expanded its patent rights throughout the APAC Region and UAE. These rights cover its uniquely innovative systems and methods that enable autonomous docking and positioning of marine vessels and add to MAID’s existing portfolio which already covers North America, Europe and Asia.

This latest expansion effectively provides global coverage and protection for the intellectual property MAID has developed that solves the core problems inherent in autonomous docking and positioning solutions. MAID’s patents are already being cited as prior art against patent applications lodged by leading maritime technology suppliers and major ship builders.

The recently granted patents include Patent No.: ZL 2017800142288 (The China National Intellectual Property Administration) and Patent No.: I653611 (The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office).

MAID has also recently received allowances in multiple jurisdictions. The Korean Intellectual Property Office has issued Notice of Allowance of its decision to grant MAID patent applications 10-2022-7006070 and 10-2022-7022850. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Notice of Allowance for MAID Patent Applications 17/697,266, 17/233,666 and 17/865,825. The Australian Patent Office has issued Notice of Acceptance for MAID patent application 2017243430 and the UAE Ministry of Economy has issued a Notice of Allowance for MAID patent application 6001029.

“The global marine sector is rapidly moving toward autonomous docking and autonomous shipping to deliver increased operational efficiency, enhanced safety, reduced costs due to damage from marine accidents and reduced carbon emissions through optimised speed profiles for environmental protection. The MAID IP was created to provide unique autonomous options to achieve all these goals, and our proprietary protected method is fundamental to achieving cost-effective and workable solutions.” said Brad Tyers, CEO of MAID Systems.

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