Automated Vessels & Supply Chain Optimization for Sustainable Shipping


Published Jul 23, 2020 4:43 PM by The Maritime Executive

ProZero International, Danish Workboat producer, is delighted to announce its participation in the eagerly awaited MOSES project, officially launched virtually in July 2020.

MOSES is an EU-funded research and innovation action focused on maritime transport that addressed the call MG-2-6-2019, Sub-topic 2, of the Horizon 2020 Programme. The project brings together a consortium of 17 partners from 7 EU countries, united in their vision to improve the modal split for Short Sea Shipping (SSS) in the European container supply chain. In this project, the MOSES team sees the opportunity to achieve beyond state-of-the-art, applied know-how and technological developments that, otherwise, would be unfeasible and extremely costly to develop and pursue on their own.

MOSES is coordinated by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and aims to significantly enhance the SSS component of the European container supply chain by addressing the vulnerabilities and strains that relate to the operation of large containerships. MOSES will follow a two-fold strategy, which consists of reducing the total time to berth for TEN-T Hub Ports and stimulating the use of SSS feeder services to small ports (hub and spoke traffic) that have limited or no infrastructure.

To achieve its objectives MOSES will implement the following innovations:

  1. For the SSS leg: an innovative, hybrid electric feeder vessel designed to match dominant SSS business cases;
  2. For DSS ports, the adoption of an autonomous vessel maneuvering and docking scheme (MOSES AutoDock)
  3. A digital collaboration and matchmaking platform (MOSES platform.

ProZero International will contribute to the MOSES project in the innovation ii. And iii. By developing automated workboat/tug platforms that can be part of the autonomous vessel maneuvering and docking scheme (MOSES AutoDock)

“We are extremely delighted to take part in this exiting project” says Managing Director of ProZero International, Jonas Pedersen. “with the ProZero range of workboats we strive to stay at the forefront of technology developments and we do see automation and automated processes as a huge part of the future, therefore the MOSES is eagerly awaited.”

MOSES is an ambitious project that bears significant innovation potential in the context of European SSS uptake. Its innovation potential covers both vessel design aspects as well as software tools and accompanying governance models to improve related logistics processes. Bridging the scientific, industrial, naval, logistics and port operations domains, MOSES provides fertile ground for sharing skills and expertise that prompts transfers of technology
and embodies true synergies among the partners.

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