Auramarine Launches New Offering Within the Process Industry

Image courtesy of Auramarine
Image courtesy of Auramarine

Published Dec 12, 2021 6:56 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Auramarine]

Auramarine, the leading provider of fuel supply systems and other critical auxiliary equipment for the marine and power industries, today announced its expansion into the process industry. As part of the new global offering, Auramarine will develop and deliver pre-tested, ready-to-install compact systems – also as turnkey deliveries – and provide a complete lifecycle service by supporting customers via consistent documentation and maintenance procedures.This integrated, comprehensive expert service will enable customers in the process industry to obtain tailored solutions, outsource the project with less pressure to the business and within a designated budget.

Having supplied over 15,000 modularised units within the marine and power industry, Auramarine will use its heritage, engineering experience, and years of deep knowledge to bring reliable, high quality and proven technology solutions to the process industry.

Auramarine’s offering brings a well-proven approach in modular system design to the process industry. Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors will have access to an integrated, pre-tested automated compact solution – deployed by Auramarine – which will avoid the need to construct the cooling and heat recovery process from scratch. This significantly shortens erection and start-up time, reducing the overall construction project timeline and design hours, and considerably cutting costs and eliminating risks for customers. This new approach from Auramarine is set to disrupt the traditional conventions of the market and will provide significant benefits and value to EPCs as well as to end customers.

As a key area of opportunity, Auramarine has specifically recognised that its services can actively support the operational efficiency of data centres, where huge amounts of megawatt cooling power are needed. Within this market, there is a real requirement for different types of cooling solutions, including excess heat recovery for process or district heating purposes. 

Following the commissioning of a project, the company’s lifecycle support service will also increase the operational efficiency throughout the system’s lifecycle by maximising overall availability and reducing costs. This includes maintenance and preventative services, as well as recommended spare parts packages for pre-defined service periods.

John Bergman, CEO, Auramarine, said: “I am proud to announce Auramarine’s expansion into the process industry; a development which is reflective of the team’s considerable efforts to seize the opportunities of diversifying into a new sector where we can add significant value. Specifically, we believe our extensive experience and strong reputation in the maritime and power industries will help us support the operations of data centres in the wake of greater digital transformation.”

Jouni Alho, Process Industry Sales Manager at Auramarine, summarises: “At Auramarine, we are committed to being the preferred partner of choice and working with our customers to create technology solutions across the lifecycle of their assets that meet changing market dynamics and overcome new challenges. We look forward to successfully growing our services in the process industry, as we have done previously in the maritime and power sectors.”

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