Advanced Polymer Coatings Inks Ten Tanker Deal with Turkey’s Chemfleet

Image courtesy of Advanced Polymer Coatings
Image courtesy of Advanced Polymer Coatings

Published Jul 5, 2022 11:49 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Advanced Polymer Coatings]

USA-based manufacturer Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC) is reinforcing its position as the prime protective tank coating company in Turkey’s maritime sector after signing a major multi-ship deal to recoat ten tankers with Turkish ship management firm Chemfleet.

The deal was struck at Chemfleet’s Istanbul office by APC’s global marine manager, captain Onur Yildirim, and its Turkey marine manager captain Koray Karagoz. Captain Yildirim said APC now holds 80 per cent of the Turkish marine coatings market having coated and repaired more than 450 vessels since establishing in the country in 2001.

He said the new contract follows a third special survey of the chemical tanker fleet, which takes place after APC’s MarineLINE tank coating system had been in place for 15 years. Captain Yildirim said at this point, the tank coating needs to be recoated to maintain its performance. The fleet ranges from 6000 to 15000 DWT tankers and the work will be undertaken at a collection of Turkish shipyards.

“We are absolutely delighted to win this deal with our long-time customer Chemfleet,” he said. “It shows rather than look for alternatives, the customer is happy with how MarineLINE is performing following 15 years of robust service and dedicated support from our team in Tuzla. We have built an understanding of Chemfleet’s vessels and its requirements, and that team approach is key to building strong relationships. It is an exciting project which will see our team apply 45,000 square meters of MarineLINE into the tankers.”

Captain Yildirim said the Chemfleet deal marks a strong period for APC in Turkey, with a collection of other projects also struck in June to recoat a further eight vessels for a range of Turkish ship owners. In total, the deals will see 18 vessels recoated with MarineLINE. The recoating agreements follow two new-build deals in Turkey announced in May. The projects will see APC apply MarineLINE to two chemical tankers; the 8000 DWT Basaran Bayrak NB 80, being built for the Ceksan shipowner at its Ceksan shipyard in Tuzla, and the 6000 DWT NB 68 Sedat Basak, being built for Atako Shipping and its partner Nakkas Shipping at the Gisan shipyard also in Tuzla.

”As the shipping industry evolves and adapts we are seeing demand for MarineLINE increase in Turkey and other key export markets,” he said. “MarineLINE is well known and established for its robust qualities. But other new factors are starting to come into play. Charterers are increasingly involved in choosing the tank coating and they want a coating that can perform and cope with a wide variety of chemicals over a sustained period. In addition, operators are turning to MarineLINE for its ability to help cut carbon emissions and fuel costs. This is because less hot water is required for wall washing and tank cleaning compared to other types of coating. This immediately cuts the fuel use required for heating vast amounts of water. In addition, we can play our part in seafarer welfare by reducing the amount of time required in confined spaces for cleaning. All these benefits are combining to refresh the appeal of MarineLINE to the latest demands of the market."

APC reports it now accounts for more than 12 per cent of the global chemical tanker coating market with 700 ships coated worldwide with MarineLINE. In 2021 APC reported one of its most successful years of trading coating 56 ships equating to over 750,000 square metres of MarineLINE applied.

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