ACR Electronics Introduces New Products at Posidonia


By MarEx 2016-06-06 15:44:44

Global leader in safety and survival technologies ACR Electronics, a Drew Marine Company, is introducing its GlobalFIX™ V4 EPIRB, a new professional grade design EPIRB at Posidonia.

The GlobalFIX V4 EPIRB offers the latest in marine electronic lifesaving technology and features high-efficiency electronics for reliable performance which owners and operators in the commercial shipping and offshore industries can trust to ensure the safety of their crew.

Significantly increasing probability of survival at sea, the ACR EPIRB’s robust internal 66-channel GPS provides faster acquisition from a cold start, accurately fixing the exact location of the vessel in distress. The coordinates are then transmitted via a 406MHz distress signal to search and rescue authorities, with a 121.5MHz homing signal further guiding searchers to the position.

Manual activation of the EPIRB is simple and there is a protective keypad cover to help prevent false alarms

The full-featured ACR device has an all-new, user-replaceable battery pack which has a 10-year replacement interval, reducing the overall ownership cost. It also has an energy efficient, four LED array strobe light and a new wrist strap for hands free carrying in an emergency evacuation.

The GlobalFIX™ V4 has two functional self-tests to monitor the beacon’s transmission, power and battery performance and GPS acquisition.

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