ABS Chairman, President & CEO Outlines Value of Talent in 'New Normal'


Published Nov 16, 2020 9:20 PM by The Maritime Executive

ABS Chairman, President and CEO Christopher J. Wiernicki addressed fellow global business executives spanning multiple industries and top-ranked academia as part of George Washington University’s Frank Howard Distinguished Lecture Series.

Wiernicki, who holds a Master of Science in Structural Engineering from George Washington University and was elected to the school’s Engineering Hall of Fame, delivered his insights in a lecture entitled: Navigating the New Normal.

He shared his perspectives on the global changes and challenges facing all industries and business leaders today, and how the roles of digitalization and technology in any decision-making process require hybrid skillsets, thinking and mindsets in a redefined talent equation.

“Between the forcing functions of the pandemic and the perfect storm of digitalization, our normal is anything but normal,” said Wiernicki. “It will require moving forward with significant, impactful and disruptive change where success will be measured by a leader’s ability to navigate and manage the changes to achieve desired outcomes.”

Wiernicki shared that, historically, talent has been defined as the sum of age, experience, skills and training. However, today’s redefined talent equation couples technology and people with continuous learning models to develop leaders who have systems and design thinking skills as well as a convergent mindset and greater strategic perspective centered around technical feasibility, economic viability and social sustainability.

“Talent of the future is not training for today, it’s learning for tomorrow. And success in the new norm is about leaders who can manage change, manage people, and can manage data,” concluded Wiernicki.

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