World’s First Iridium Recovery Beacon Rated to 11,000 m Below Sea

By MarEx 2014-02-27 15:05:00

Xeos Technologies Inc., a global exporter of high quality environmental monitoring products, has just
upgraded the depth rating of one of its new oceanographic beacons for extreme environments. The
XMi-11k Sub-surface Iridium Recovery Beacon is a lightweight, small size recovery beacon which is able
to be submerged to 11,000 m (or 11 km) below sea level.

The XMi-11K is primarily used for asset protection and detection of surfacing events. It is able to be
submerged to a depth of 11000 meters below sea level and still detect when it surfaces using Xeos’
proprietary water sense circuit, field proven in all oceans and seas around the world. Once the protected
asset reaches the surface, it begins transmitting Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) locations via the
Iridium satellite communications system. The two-way Iridium communication system allows users to
send commands to the surfaced beacon, changing its configuration settings.

The XMi-11K was developed in response to customer requirements for smaller, more versatile mooring
asset beacons with global tracking capability. The Iridium satellite communication system was chosen
because of its truly global nature, allowing communication even from Polar Regions. XMi-11K includes
the ability to send messages to a web-enabled monitoring platform, Xeos Online, or via email.

The XMi-11K features an all-titanium enclosure for durability and resistance to pressure at depths,
custom-designed titanium, dual-band Iridium and GPS antenna, and user-replaceable standard alkaline
batteries. At only 910g in water including batteries (1407 g in air), the XMi-11k can fit a wide range of
moorings or sub-surface vehicles.

The XMi-11K is available with a remote head which separates the electronics from the battery pack with
a 6’ waterproof cable. The remote head allows for easier weight management on submerged platforms
as well as more complex installations on existing underwater vehicle moorings.

Customer demand for the product has been higher than initially anticipated, ensuring a long and
successful future for the XMi-11K. The depth rating ensures that the beacon can be used in any part of
the world’s oceans. The XMi-11K joins the MicroBeacon line which includes the XMA-11K Argos Subsurface
Beacon, the XMF-11K LED Flasher and the XMB-11K RF Subsurface Beacon, all of which can be
submerged to 11,000 meters below sea level.

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