Western Towboat Teams Up with Rapp Hydema

By MarEx 2014-10-15 14:31:00

Western Towboat Company, a Seattle based tugboat operator, has chosen Rapp Hydema U.S., also a Seattle based company, to build a custom towing winch for the new vessel Bering Titan. Rapp Hydema has a long working history with Western Towboat Company, equipping their various tugboats with deck machinery for over a decade. Rapp Hydema’s in-depth knowledge of winch design and Western Towboat Company’s over 60 years of experience in the industry has contributed to the construction of the ideal towing winch to fit their needs.

The main drum capacity for the winch is over 3200ft of 2-1/4” steel cable, with an additional 2700ft of 2” cable stored onto the smaller drum. The pull at the first layer is rated at 25 Tonnes (Metric Tons). The Rapp four motor hydraulic drive is equipped with three speed steps, providing speed range from 30m/min up to 124m/min.

 “Our winches represent a good balance between heavy duty operation and modern design,” Dan Markovic, engineering manager at Rapp Hydema U.S. says, “Multiple motor drives, both when talking about hydraulic and electric winches, provide for redundancy – if any motor get damaged, it could be removed in a few simple steps and the winch operated with somewhat lower pull. We understand that the winch is a working tool for the vessel; if the winch does not operate, the complete vessel may be out of action.”

Ed McEvoy, Port Engineer at Western Towboat Company, points out the difference from the previous winches that Rapp has built for them, “The winch being double drum is a benefit. It also has a serviceable level wind. We will be able to service the winch and maintain it.” Ed also comments on working with Rapp Hydema on this project has been “basically merging designs from both companies in order to make a serviceable, long lasting piece of equipment.”

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