UTEC Survey Positioning Contract for Veripos

By MarEx 2014-03-25 13:28:00

UTEC Survey, one of the world’s largest independent survey organisations, has awarded Veripos an exclusive three-year contract for provision of high-precision GNSS positioning services in support of global offshore operations via UTEC’s offices located around the world including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Italy, Singapore, UAE, UK and the US.

Under the terms of the agreement, Veripos will continue to supply UTEC Survey with its full range of proprietary services including its latest Apex2 and Ultra2 Precise Point Positioning services utilising both GPS and Glonass correction data to remove or mitigate errors.  Both provide decimetre-level accuracies using seven geostationary communication satellites to ensure continuous availability and service redundancy.  Associated support resources to be provided include a series of purpose-designed Veripos integrated mobile receivers in addition to a range of software elements.

The new contract represents a continuation of a close working relationship between UTEC Survey and Veripos which originally began in 2006.  Since then, says Stephen Browne, Veripos Executive Vice-President – Commercial: “The relationship has continued to develop into a long-standing and mutually beneficial collaboration for both companies as part of their respective contributions to the worldwide oil and gas offshore industry.”

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