Tsuneishi Receives Order for Four Container Ships

By MarEx 2014-04-19 05:58:00

Tsuneishi Group (Zhoushan) Shipbuilding (TZS), an overseas group company of the Tsuneishi Shipbuilding has received orders for four 1,020TEU type container carriers from the Hong Kong-based subsidiary of Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG), a major state-owned company in China. 

SIPG is active in port operations such as cargo handling and logistics at the Shanghai Port, and this is the first time that Tsuneishi Shipbuilding and TZS have received orders for new ship construction from a Chinese state-owned company. This type of ship was developed by in 2011 by Tsuneishi Shipbuilding with a view toward diversifying its product line. Two of the ships are scheduled for completion in 2016, while the other two are scheduled for 2017.

The four ordered vessels feature the latest improvements in fuel efficiency, made in 2013 in compliance with new international regulations. Reductions in both fuel consumption and NOx emissions are achieved by applying an engine in which fuel injection is controlled electronically rather than by the conventional mechanical method. Fuel efficiency is further improved by a proprietary propeller design with that the main engine’s output can be more efficiently converted to propulsive force. 

In addition, the vessels feature accommodation design in compliance with stricter regulations regarding onboard ship noise that were issued by the IMO for chartered vessels contracted from July 2014, and there are also other improvements in the crew’s working environment. As with previous models, the accommodation is at the stern end of the ship, entirely behind the on-deck container loading space, which helps to make cargo handling operations more efficient and less time-consuming.

These four newly ordered vessels will be operated by Shanghai Haihua Shipping (HASCO), a member of the SIPG Group. HASCO is a state-owned shipping company that handles regular container transport on shipping routes between China and Japan and between China and Southeast Asia. 

SIPG’s vice president Huang Xin and Hong Kong-based subsidiary’s general manager Gu Jianmin remarked “the high energy-saving performance of this ship model not only cuts operational costs for our maritime business, it is certain to contribute to environmental protection as well. In view of the TZS’s latest shipbuilding equipment and processes and their quality control system, we feel that everyone is enthusiastic about building the vessels. And we are looking forward to their completion.”

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