Technip Awarded Two Subsea Contracts

By MarEx 2014-06-24 11:51:00

Technip was awarded two contracts, worth an important(1) total value, by Maersk Oil for the Valdemar & Roar Gas Lift project as well as the Rolf Replacement Pipeline project, located on the Danish Continental Shelf, approximately 250 kilometers offshore Esbjerg, Denmark.

The scope of work will include the:    
- fabrication and installation of two riser caissons on the Valdemar and Roar platforms,
- fabrication and installation of a 8” 18-kilometer  flowline  between the Rolf A and Gorm E platforms,
- pipeline trenching and protection operations,
- fabrication and installation of 34 spools,
- offshore commissioning.

Technip’s operating centre in Oslo, Norway, will execute the project. Vessels from the Group fleet, including the Wellservicer, a diving and multi support vessel, will perform the offshore installation in summer 2015. The flowline will be fabricated at Technip’s spoolbase in Orkanger, Norway, and installed by the Apache II, from Technip’s fleet. Fabrication of the caissons and spools will be locally performed in Denmark.

Knut Boe, President North Sea Canada, stated: “We are looking forward to managing these two projects, which combine our diving, construction and pipelay capabilities, in the Danish subsea market.”

(1) For Technip, an “important” subsea contract is ranging from €50 to €100 million.

Fast Facts

About subsea products
- Riser: a pipe or assembly of pipes used to transfer produced fluids and or products from the seabed to surface facilities, and transfer injection or control fluids from the surface facilities to the seabed.
- Flowline: a pipe, laid on the seabed, which allows the transportation of oil/gas production or injection of fluids. Its length can vary from a few hundred meters to several kilometers.
- Spool: short length pipe connecting a subsea pipeline and a riser, or a pipe and a subsea structure.

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