SubSea Solutions Alliance Promises Instant Fuel Consumption Savings

Propulsion System Improvements - Propeller Boss Cap Fin

By MarEx 2013-02-11 13:49:00

With fuel consumption on every ship owner's mind, the ability to deliver propulsion system efficiency improvements that deliver IMMEDIATE results is highly desirable.

The Subsea Solutions Alliance has developed an in-water process for the installation of Propeller Boss Cap Fins (PBCF's) in a minimal 12-hour period. The payback period is short and the upgrade can be performed completely underwater while a vessel is loaded without trimming. This gives ship owners the option to perform efficiency upgrades to the propeller while the vessel remains on charter. 

One such example of this service was performed in January 2013 when the Subsea Solutions Alliance member company Miami Diver LLC performed a PBCF installation while a vessel waited to go through the Panama Canal.   While in the anchorage, the existing propeller boss cap was removed and brought to the surface. Using the same installation procedure as outlined by the manufacturer for installation in the dry dock but modified for in-water installation, a new propeller boss cap was fitted with wake field stabilization fins installed without delay. Upon completion, the bolts were torqued to their proper specification and underwater epoxy was applied to fair in the bolt holes as required.

The propeller improvement delivered immediate results and allowed the vessel to remain on schedule to pass through the Canal. Developing underwater processes for efficiency improvements that conform to vessel's schedules is what makes the Subsea Solutions Alliance the underwater service company of choice because it delivers unrivaled service.

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