Stena Bulk Joins World Ocean Council

By MarEx 2014-11-26 12:29:00

Stena Bulk is the first Swedish shipping company to join the World Ocean Council (WOC) – a global organization that converges a diverse range of maritime operations to promote the sustainable use of the world’s oceans.

Stena Bulk has long championed a more sustainable approach to shipping and its fleet of tankers is among the safest and most modern in the world. In a market that encompasses the transportation of crude oil, refined petroleum products and chemicals, an unfailing commitment to safety and environmental consideration is a must.

The World Ocean Council encourages the business community to assume collective responsibility for the seas, and does not believe that a single company or industry can alone solve problems related to the Arctic, marine debris and ocean noise from tankers. Accordingly, the organization has engaged a vast array of sectors including shipping, oil and gas, fisheries, tourism, renewable energy (wind, wave, tidal), ports, cable companies, legal and financial services, as well as representatives from insurance companies.

The Council’s practical efforts are aimed at improving ocean research to ensure safe and sustainable business practices, educating the public and relevant parties about corporate responsibility, and adding to the political discourse and maritime planning efforts.

“Stena Bulk is delighted to become a member of the World Ocean Council. Sustainable business practices and sustainable seas require a global strategy. This international industrial platform allows us and other responsible members of the maritime trade to partner with like-minded companies from other sectors. Working as one, we are better equipped to handle the sustainability challenges facing current and future generations of our business,” explains Erik Hånell, CEO of Stena Bulk AB.

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